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Mark G.

Brian, it would be great to test these head to head against the other MFT go-to cines for the BMPCC 4k – the Fuji MK18-55/50-135 lenses. The DZOfilm are almost half the price. Is there enough of a quality difference to justify cost difference?

Claude Chiarot

Hi, Thanks for the test.
I think the lens specs and price is good. But the quality of the glass might be not that much.
The lens flare is not nice, too many strikes. Just look at the Keith’s concert, at 00:09, the flare is horrible!
Yes a comparison with the MK lens would be nice.
I was thinking to take the 10-24mm to complement the MK’s, I might go with the Tokina 11-20mm Cine instead.
Overall, I think for the price, we cannot ask too much.

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