Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K G2
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Clayton Moore

A great little camera.

I have a market question for you Brian. Do you think considering the market “en masse” that its nearing time for BMD to get into the PTZ camera market as a separate product category?

Last edited 20 days ago by Clayton Moore

I dont think they need to go down that path as this camera can be paired with a DJI RS2/3/4 gimbal for pan tilt control and with the advent of the DJI focus pro you can also get AF subject tracking with this new LIDAR AF system.

The gimbal can also subject track using DJI raveneye or be remotely controlled with hardware like the Middle Things APC-R system

You also have camera control over ATEM switchers and ethernet so there isnt much you couldnt do with this setup that could be achieved with a dedicated PTZ camera.


The best thing is that it supports a USB hub. That way you can use a ssd, a usb to Ethernet adapter and zoom&focus demand.
Why is that important? Because you can get files of the SSD over the network. You never have to detach the SSD again. Put it wherever you like and just leave it there.
As for controls a video assist can control the camera as well and any pc on the network can control as well.
Look at alt cine for a back extension 😎
Getting one/a few of these G2 😁

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