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the problem for me with the magic track pad is it angle. its just not comfortable to use especially if you work standing up and since it cant me mapped to your monitor likes a Wacom, there is still a lot of ‘mousing’ around.


Looks great. I have a Windows 10 Desktop would the sstill work with that or does it have to be LTSC? I am not entirely sure what the LTSC bit is. Thank you

Richard Gott

Thanks for this Allan. I’m trying to get my Magic Trackpad working with a new installation of Windows 10. When I right click on the driver file, there is no ‘install’ option, just: Open/Cut/Copy/Delete/Properties. Would be grateful for any pointers! Thanks.

Robin H

I’m trying to pair my new Magic Trackpad (and keyboard!) with a new Windows 11 machine.. The system recognized the 2 “magic” devices by name, and they have basic function, but I don’t have full gesture functionality. Suggestions? Thanks so much for inspiring me to try these peripherals! They feel better by far than any Windows keyboard/trackpad I could find.

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