Reallusion Character Creator 2.0 launches with new PBR visuals

The launch of the new Character Creator 2.0 gives creators new options when it comes to the visual quality of 3D characters.

Reallusion Character Creator 2.0 launches with new PBR visuals

Character Creator, which is an add-on tool for iClone, introduces a series of new features and enhancements allowing for easier and faster creation of animation-ready 3D characters, including humans.

The new Character Creator 2.0 (CC 2) features, according to information provided by Reallusion, enhanced visual quality for 3D characters with industry standard PBR shaders, Image Based Lighting options, and a new Substance Material Generator  to dynamically design high-quality 3D characters and appearances. The program allows users to import PBR textures made with 3D paint tools like Substance Painter, 3D Coat, or Quixel. Users can now export their Character Creator assets to iClone 7, Unreal, Unity, or Sketchfab with the same PBR visual quality.

Here are some of the features offered by Reallusion’s Character Creator 2.0 (CC 2):

Physically Based Render Shaders

The new Character Creator PBR shading system renders realistic metallic and roughness effects that match the same visuals in mainstream material applications like Allegorithmic’s Substance Painter. A variety of material channels that work in sync with image based lighting options result in a more accurate interaction between light and surfaces.

Convert Non-PBR Content

Users can convert their existing library of non-PBR content utilizing traditional shaders to the new PBR shaders easily, or they can manually work with selected objects and materials for single conversions, bringing new life to iClone’s legacy content which can all be repurposed and updated using the multiple material channels in Character Creator.

Image Based Lighting (IBL)

The previous version of Character Creator offered a single light source, and the new 2.0 update now allows users to customize their IBL environment in Character Creator, while syncing the sky map to their IBL light with natural DOF effects and color tone. Achieve a more accurate preview of what characters will look like inside a 3D tool or game engine environment.

Appearance Editor & Material Generator

The latest update includes an advanced Substance (Appearance Editor) & Material Generator to create unlimited looks for clothing and objects with multi-layered materials like leather, wood, metals, stone, fabrics, and others. Users can incorporate embedded texture libraries to achieve a new level of realism that takes advantage of the new Physically Based Rendering system while procedurally generating custom variables for edge wear, gashes, paint peel, wrinkles, folds, scratches, grit, rot, rust, abrasions, decals, and patterns.

PBR Playsets – A New Level of Smart Content

Accompanying the new CC 2.0 update are two new Character Creator Content Packs – Fantasy Playset – Assassins and Anime Character – AYAKA – complete with character morphs, clothing, accessories, and updated PBR visuals. These new content playsets offer users the option of designing more than one look with the original assets, thanks to multiple preset options and customization. Now Game designers, and 3D animation teams can use these embedded bases to create thousands of accessories and clothes, while using dynamic texture editing to give new looks to all kinds of equipment.

Reallusion Character Creator 2.0 launches with new PBR visuals

From the beginning, the free Character Creator tool innovated the character design process for 3D fully rigged characters with face and body slider morphs, interchangeable outfits, custom clothing design, facial lip syncing, character animation, content ecosystem and 3rd party export support. With the new version the program continues to offer creators a complete set of tools for 3D animation teams.

Follow the link to Reallusion’s website for more information.

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