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PVC at NAB 2015: Frame.io and Screenlight

Review and approval services are all over the place these days and can meet any size and budget. PVC talked with Wipster and I wanted to chat with both Frame.io and Screenlight.


Frame.io is the new kid on the block but it’s actually more than a review and approval service. Frame.io is a media collaboration platform that offers review and approval one of its services. Company founder Emery Wells takes us through the service and answers a lot of questions. The interface is gorgeous and it feels more like a desktop application than a web-based tool.

PVC at NAB 2015 – Frame.io from Pro Coalitions on Vimeo.



Screenlight is another option that offers up a clean, easy to use and understand interface at a good price, including a very usable free option. Screenlight has been around for awhile now and founder Chris Potter contributes regularly to PVC so I wanted to check in and see what’s new with Screenlight in this ever growing review and approval field.

PVC at NAB 2015 – Screenlight from Pro Coalitions on Vimeo.

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