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PocketSkater 2: New Wheels for Your DSLR

Edelkrone has just launched their PocketSkater 2, a new version of wheels for your DSLR, now with a FLEXTILT head.

PocketSkater 2 continues the new series of equipment for smaller cameras designed by edelkrone. Conceived with DSLRs in mind, but able to accept other image capturing devices, the new PocketSkater 2 is based on the original model, but takes the idea further, to create a unique tool for cinematographers.

With an interesting price of €249 (Europe, VAT excluded), the PocketSkater 2 has 3 wheels which can fold out and extend easily. The angle of the curve is set instantly by adjusting the two front wheels. It is a perfect and versatile skater that will also offer some other interesting uses, as the video under suggests.

Sitting right under your DSLR, this new piece of equipment comes with the new edelkrone FLEXTILT technology so you don’t need to carry around a tripod head anymore. The FLEXTILT head provides easy angle, height and rotation adjustments to further enhance your shots. The FLEXTILT head also allows users to shift the center of gravity to achieve perfect balance and stability for different setups.

Conceived with DSLRs in mind, the PocketSkater 2 can also be used in compact mode, without fully extending the wheels. With a smartphone on top it works fine in tight spaces. The origiinal PocketSKATER is the world’s most compact three-wheel camera skater that can fit into your pocket. It can operate on any flat surface for amazing slides, curved or circular shots. The angle of legs and wheels can be adjusted independently, giving you countless angle and curve options. When folded, it sits hidden underneath your camera in a form smaller than a battery grip. The original info for the PocketSkater continues to be valid for this new model, which offers extended functionality.

The new PocketSkater 2 explains, as the PocketRig 2 also does, why edelkrone has decided to put an end to their original PocketSeries. Although, again, this new piece of equipment does not cover all the functions from the previous products – PocketSHOT, PocketRODS, PocketSUPPORT, PocketSTAND, PocketHANDLES and POcketSKATER – it does offer multiple functions in one single product, making it a very interesting piece of equipment for any videographer.

Weighing only 0,5 kg, able to accept loads up to 2,5 kg, the PocketSkater is built from the highest grade materials for ultimate precision. With patent still pending, the PocketSkater 2 continues the edelkrone tradition of creating tools for indie cinematographers that do not want to carry much gear around and need to maximize the versatility of the equipment used.

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