Plotagraph: animated images for iPad and iPhone

If you want to show animated images on your iPad, then Plotagraph is for you. The image animation software is now available for iPad, and soon there will be an iPhone version.

Plotagraph: animated images for iPad and iPhone

Plotagraph, the image animation software company, is expanding its dynamic photo animations to new platforms. Available now in the App Store, the Plotagraph+ app will animate your photos in unique ways.

Available for PC and Mac, Plotagraphs are, according to the team behind them “free from the constraints of video which makes billions of images available to bring to life at a fraction of the price of any other process. If you are looking for software that is new and different, Plotagraph Pro is the answer. Plotagraph Pro can take any of your existing still photographs and animate them, bringing more attention and more bookings.”

The note above was included in the first news about Plotagraph published here at ProVideo Coalition, July 13, 2016. Exactly one year later, the company is back with another product offering the same functionality, but for iPad. Plotagraph+ easily allows users to animate any still photo into a seamlessly looping video or animated PNG for iMessage. The Plotagraph+ app takes full advantage of the fast processing power of the all-new iPad Pro as well as all iPads and iPhones with 64Bit processors and up. Plotagraph+ was created with Metal to unlock its full potential.

As the first image animation software of its kind, Plotagraph offers a uniquely dynamic photo animating experience. Plotagraph, Inc. Founders Troy Christopher Plota and Sascha Scheider said, “We created Plotagraph+ to help consumers animate their own photos in a fun and easy way, bringing their images and memories back to life.

The Plotagraph technique allows users to add motion to any still image,  which after being edited in the software becomes a new medium which sits in-between a still image and a traditional video. The loops are created from a photo, illustration or painting that is animated using proprietary algorithms creating an endlessly looping video or APNG (Animated PNG). Plotagraph is, according to the company, the evolution of art and photography and pushes the envelope for the future of dynamic looping content.

Plotagraph: animated images for iPad and iPhone
Plotagraph Photo By: MySpace Tom

Plotagraph+ takes photos to the next level and can easily be shared to top social media platforms and to Plotagraph, Inc.’s very own social platform, Plotagraph Social, dedicated to dynamic looping content that will auto-play and auto-loop on all devices. The Plotagraph technique is the perfect tool for businesses to bring their Facebook cover photos to life, as Facebook now accepts looping videos for cover photos.

Plotagraph: animated images for iPad and iPhone
Cinemagraph, Cliplet or Animated GIF – Photo By: Jose Antunes

Plotagraphs are, in fact, another form of “cinemagraphs”, which, despite some modern variations, continue to be nothing more than an evolution of the animated GIF. In fact, the Plotagraph image published here as an example is… an animated GIF. The second image, a Cinemagraph or Cliplet, is, again, an animated GIF. There are differences between Cinemagraphs and Plotagraphs, though, the most evident of them being the way the animation behaves. While a Cinemagraph tends to use a small, sometimes almost imperceptible animation, something that makes part of its uniqueness, Plotagraphs rely, tendentiously, on constant animation, absolutely “in your face”, as part of the recipe. What this means is that the tools serve different goals.

Plotagraph+ for iPad is available exclusively on the App Store. Plotagraph Pro for desktop is available for Mac/PC at

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Jacqueline Boss

Plotagraph is really cool if you can integrate it into your business. They do have a free option, but that leaves you unable to download your animations, you can only share them on the plotagraph site. I made a free account tutorial, if you want to test out the software before actually paying for it: