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Interview with DAM consultant, Mark Anderson

Mark has been well-known member of thePortfoliocommunity since the late ’90s and is based in the UK. Initially an ordinary user of Portfolio, he has leveraged that experience and since 2001 has been a consultant specializing in Extensis Portfolio solutions. He is also the author of the community resource, PortfolioFAQ.

What makes you so passionate about digital asset management?
There’s something very enjoyable about bringing order from chaos, and seeing the pleasure people get – let alone the efficiency – people get from being able to find their assets at last. Happily, DAM tasks are never quite the same each time around, so for someone who likes solving problems, it’s ideal as there’s always an issue to be resolved.

What is the most common digital asset management issue reported to you by your clients?
Gaining control over their assets; removing duplicates, avoiding work being re-done because of ‘lost’ original versions, cutting down the time to find the right file, giving controlled wider access to assets, reducing support effort needed. Be they large organisations or individuals, the core DAM problems at outset tend to be the same.

Interview continues @http://blog.extensis.com/?p=3159

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