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This Week on MacBreak Studio

This week on MacBreak Studio, I show Steve Martin from Ripple Training something new in Motion.

When Final Cut Pro X was updated to 10.4 a few months back, it overshadowed Motion’s update to version 5.4, where it received a couple of new, interesting, and useful features.

The biggest update was the addition of support for working with 360 video. These features mirror those added to Final Cut Pro, and allow you to use Motion to create 360 titles, transitions, and effects. You can see an example of how to create particle systems in 360 here.

The other changes included improved optical flow performance, HEVC support (for import and playback, export requires Compressor just like Final Cut), and here’s a cool one: the ability to convert project types. So for example, you can start with a regular Motion project and convert it to a title. You can go from any project type to any other quickly and easily.

There are also some new “looks” filters but the feature I find the most useful and fun is the new Overshoot behavior. It’s a parameter behavior, which means it will animate a specific parameter of your choosing. I start by animating the vertical position of a graphic so it moves up from off the screen for a reveal, and the overshoot behavior causes it to “bounce” into position.

The behavior has several parameters for adjusting the animation. They aren’t immediately intuitive, but Motion’s realtime playback engine makes it easy to see how they work by adjusting them while the animation plays.

While animating position may be the most obvious use for this behavior, it can be used in many other ways. I demonstrate using it with a replicator, and the sequence text behavior.

It’s a great little addition to Motion, check it all out above. If you are ready to learn how to add professional motion graphics to your own videos, check out our Warp Speed Motion tutorial.

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