Obsbot Tail: AI-camera wants to be your personal cameraman and director

Funded through a Kickstarter campaign that surpassed its goal by 800%, the Obsbot Tail will be delivered to backers next June. Its creators say it can stand in for a cinematographer.

Obsbot Tail: AI-camera wants to be your personal cameraman and director

First unveiled at CES 2019, the Obsbot Tail is presented as your personal cameraman and director. A camera able to track, auto zoom and capture movement in up to 4K/60fps! Of people and pets!

If all goes according to the most recent information shared by Remo Technology, the company behind the product, in June all those who backed the crowdfunded project will get their hands on the Obsbot Tail, a camera using AI – aren’t they all now? – to recognize the subjects it captures. Also following the trend, the camera is able not only to detect and track people but also pets, “with unprecedented accuracy”, adds the company.

Presented as the world’s first AI-powered autonomous director camera, the Obsbot Tail simulates, according to Remo Technology, “the skills of a human photographer using deep-learning algorithms, enabling it to self-adjust the focal length of its 3.5x optical zoom lens and its 3-axis gimbal to capture the perfect shot.”

Obsbot Tail: AI-camera wants to be your personal cameraman and director

Complex AI filming modes

Embedded with a sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm that’s powered by a HiSilicon Hi3559A processor, Obsbot Tail not only shoots in 4K video and 12MP photos, while displaying video in up to HDR10 quality — a high dynamic range standard that covers 100 percent of DCI-P3 and Rec. 2020 color spaces for a total of 1.07 billion colors – , it also offers a suite of complex AI filming modes that puts you in full control of how the shot is composed, leaving the heavy lifting of capturing you in your moment to Obsbot Tail.

Demonstrated at the Hong Kong Electronic Fair last April, the camera offers half a dozen filming modes that autonomously capture memorable candid moments using its patented AI imaging algorithms, which gives video creators the liberty of hands-free operations. According to Remo Technology, users simply have to “set the Obsbot Tail down and let it film your skateboard tricks and dance moves, even when your toddler take their first step or your dog catch the Frisbee.”

Obsbot Tail: AI-camera wants to be your personal cameraman and director

Tracking dogs and cats

Capable of tracking cats and dogs, the new filming mode called “Pet Pal” can be activated by simply selecting your pet through the accompanying obsbot studio app, which will record and keep them in the center of the picture.

Can it be that simple? Apparently many believe so, as the crowdfunding campaigns at both Indiegogo and Kickstarter suggest. The CEO and founder of Remo Technology,  Bo Liu, said this: “We hope that with Obsbot Tail, people can enjoy the freedom of expressing their creativity through videos, without the hassle of getting help from others or having to endure the complex process of setting up or adjusting a camera.”

The Obsbot Tail is not “the camera” that will fit the needs of all video creators, but with a new generation of vloggers and Youtube creators, there is probably space for a solution like this, that looks like a  PTZ camera, with its compact size of 7.3 inches by 3.3 inches. And the Obsbot Tail can also be mounted onto a wheeled accessory which enables you to capture your moments autonomously on-the-go, like a wheeled drone that can follow your every move.

Obsbot Tail: AI-camera wants to be your personal cameraman and director

A camera for action

Bo Liu says, “The Obsbot Tail is a groundbreaking camera that makes sophisticated filming techniques and filming complex movements readily accessible to anyone, with just a tap of a button. We’ve worked with dozens of dance groups, street sports teams, and vloggers to design a camera that can truly capture movement.”

So, if you are an artist or video creator looking for ways to create YouTube videos, capture performances, document lectures, record pets and more in 4K, all without requiring another person to hold, tilt, zoom and pan the camera for you, the Obsbot Tail may be the camera for you.

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