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NewTek releases TriCaster Advanced Edition software at NAB 2015

TriCaster Advanced Edition is a software add-on with over 60 new features

Tricaster Advanced Edition

At NAB in Las Vegas, NewTek just introduced TriCaster Advanced Edition, an option available for TriCaster Mini through TriCaster 8000, with over 60 new features to enhance connectivity, creativity, and efficiency. Ahead are some of them.

Automated data-driven graphics

 * Easily converts raw data and meta-data from both internal and external sources effortlessly and accurately into production-ready graphics in real-time using DataLink * Retrieves and updates sports stats, election results, weather updates, social media feeds, sales reports, etc., automatically or on-demand

Multiple live streams & IP workflows

  • Live stream to multiple platforms and services simultaneously with higher-quality video
  • Direct integration with Microsoft Azure, YouTube Live, Twitch and other services
  • Supports fully integrated audio through Dante Virtual Soundcard networking from Audinate on every audio input
  • Display tally information from connected systems
  • Access production resources directly from a web-browser on almost any platform

Sophisticated multimedia mixing

  • Add transitions with embedded full color overlays and sound between playlist media, and combine real-time, slow-mo, and fast-mo with per-clip playback speed settings
  • Transition backward and forward in the playlist for presentations with ease
  • Faster, easier, real-time clip editing right in the DDR, including active recordings
  • Advanced audio integration and improved and fine-tuned sound mixing, external audio integration, precise audio levels, and monitoring

Boundless creative expression

  • Add dimension to virtual set scenes with Augmented Reality options for key layers

  • Design and add elegant borders and shadows to make bordered, editable overlays, backgrounds, and custom multi-box effectsFull motion pre-visualization tools provide animated transition and effect previews before they are taken live 


Smart studio tools

  • Intelligent M/Es automatically configure themselves for Mix or Effect operations

  • Optionally enable automatic adjustments to input color characteristics, matching to a specific camera or approximating the settings of all incoming signals

  • A new Blue Only option complements integrated scopes and extensive proc amp features

  • SDI Auto-Detect eliminates the need to configure connections

  • Automatically update switcher input names to router input names 


In-show replay

  • Capture and replay highlights with on-screen controls and fully configurable replay settings, including colorful custom in and out wipes with sound effects. 


Custom, automated control

  • Create and store elaborate or simple sequences triggered by a sound level, media playback state, or any switcher action

  • Pause macros: trigger a macro sequence, stop on command, then resume when manually cued 



Ultra-connected publishing

  • Publish media to multiple user accounts on the same social network simultaneously

  • Publish content to the world’s largest professional network –– LinkedIn


High-performance graphics

  • Enhanced image processing including LiveSet rendering and scaling

  • TransWarp 2 allows warping and transformations for incoming and outgoing video scenes. 



Flexible, intuitive workflows

  • Custom configured settings, calibrations and selections make setup far more precise and standardized to individual way of working  


Pricing and availability

TriCaster Advanced Edition is available now as a one-time purchase at US$1,495 as a download from TriCaster Advanced Edition is compatible with TriCaster 8000, TriCaster 860, TriCaster 460, TriCaster 410, and TriCaster Mini. International pricing will vary, presumably by detecting the IP address of the purchaser.

This has only been a quick look based upon the initial offering. I may cover some of these in more detail in the future.

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