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There’s a brand new version of the audio podcast That Post Show up and online. If you haven’t heard the podcast then this would be a good time to start listening. It’s described as “an open conversation and roundtable discussion with experts in new media, film and moviemaking, about the process of film and creating media.” I was on episode three and they are all the way up to episode 6 now with Plug Ins and Post Production. Guests for this episode are, of course, host John Flowers, Kenn Bell of the Dog Files, Mark Christiansen of our very own Pro Video Coalition Production Values channel, and friend of the Edit Shane Ross. You probably know Shane from his blog Little Frog in Hi-Def but you also know him from the thousands of Internet forums he frequents about editing and post-production. The show is also sponsored by Red Giant Software and as a part of their show sponsorship you can get 40% off Colorista and Warp from now until March 2. Check out That Post Show’s website for the code. That’s a great deal on a must have piece of software if you want to do any kind of color correction in Final Cut Pro. The Edit did a review a while back and it is highly recommended. So tune your podcasting application (here’s an iTunes direct link) and give That Post Show a listen. You might learn something.

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