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NAB 2009 Wrapup Discussion

4 cameras, 3 steadicams, 2 geeks, and 1 overdue wrapup video

So we wrapped our video coverage of NAB 2009 back in April, but there was one remaining segment we haven’t posted yet. On the last day of the Expo, we took a walk around the Central Hall as four cameras (three on Steadicam rigs) circled like HD vultures. The idea was to capture a discussion that wrapped up the show, all while showing the event space as we strolled around booths and products. We initially had pitched the idea to Patrick of Stillmotion, he rounded up a few other Steadicam shooters and expanded on the idea creatively…

Thanks to Stillmotion, Shadowplay, Mindcastle Studios, Ray Roman Films, and Pablo Korona Moving Pictures for covering this wrapup segment from literally all angles. We greatly appreciate their collaboration on this effort. It’s also worth noting that none of our video coverage would have been possible without the generous financial support of our sponsors; Cinevate, CoreMelt, LetusDirect, Midtown Video, Redrock Micro, and Zacuto. These fine sponsors are genuinely interested in supporting the efforts of independent filmmakers and video producers, and we at FreshDV are proud to be associated with them. Also, our host MediaTemple stepped up to the plate and generously provided additional bandwidth when we far exceeded our anticipated allotment.

Now I must warn you, this 13-minute segment features a shaky plot, questionable editing decisions, and gratuitous Steadicam use. You could say it’s like our homage to every film Director Michael Bay has made. So just sit back and enjoy this, our last remaining video segment from NAB 2009. And stay tuned for our almost-ready-to-post coverage of Cine Gear 2009…we had to get this segment out of the way first, so expect that video coverage soon.

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