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NAB Show 2019 Preview: Becoming a Post Production Specializing Generalist with Jeff Greenberg

As we get ready to kick off NAB Show 2019, many are looking forward to the ground-breaking products and updates that are sure to be unveiled, but the education that will be taking place at the event is just as important to highlight. With over 800+ sessions, there’s something for everyone, and we’ve been lucky to showcase a few additional insights from these expert presenters.

Jeff I. Greenberg

Jeff I. Greenberg has nearly two decades of experience as a Post-Production consultant and Master Instructor (trainer for other trainers) for Adobe, Apple, and Avid, specializing in the areas of editorial, workflow, compositing, sound, color grading and compression. He’s written numerous books and contributes to various publications, which includes Search Bins: Premiere Pros best kept organizational secret right here on PVC.

These insights and experiences will take center stage during his numerous NAB Show sessions, where he’ll be doing everything from going in-depth to explain Mastering Color in BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve to help showcase Premiere Pro Power Tips from Top Experts. We connected with Jeff to further explore some of these topics as well as what else attendees can expect from NAB Show 2019.

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ProVideo Coalition: Tell us about your “zen approach to post“. What is the essence of that philosophy as it relates to post-production challenges and issues?

Jeff Greenberg: Simple: Panic never helped anyone. If you take a minute (or better yet ten) and think things through, you can prevent so many hassles later. And, I don’t care if it sounds crunchy – be as compassionate as you can with everyone involved. Including the client and especially yourself.

Yelling helps nobody. Treating the process as collaborative is the best thing you can do for yourself and the people you surround yourself with.


That approach has been the underlying principle of many of your sessions that have taken place at NAB Show over the years. What are some of the most notable things you’ve seen change with the show, your sessions and even the audience?

The tools are easier to use now, but we will always be tasked to do more (and in less time!). That makes us specializing generalists. Education pushes us beyond the frontier that these new tools have opened up. Nobody can afford to be stagnant anymore. Coasting on what you’ve learned or done in the past doesn’t cut it these days.


What kind of feedback and follow up do you most often get from your session attendees? What have been some of your favorite things to hear?

I often hear from clients/attendees that I’ve helped them find a new level for their work. Think of it as a quick progression in the martial arts. I’m just teaching them to breathe the right way.

My favorite thing as a teacher/consultant is finding something that helps. My business cards have 50 different sayings on them, but I especially love this one: “I want to teach you something so useful, that it makes you cry.”

Of course, that something is going to be different things to different people. It might be a switch in a tool, a piece of software or a way of stringing two ideas together.


We wanted to ask you about the sessions you’ll be involved with at NAB Show 2019, but there are too many to fully detail! Which of them are you most excited about?

I’m doing two Creativity Collective panels this year. We’re going to have experts showing tips on what they think isn’t obvious in both Adobe Premiere Pro and BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve.

Where else are you going to ever get 4 or 5 power users into a room showing you neat tricks? Only at NAB PPW.


Is there something specific you’re looking forward to seeing or being part of at NAB Show 2019?

If you asked me this in January, it’d be the Focus on Color Day (

Warren Eagles ( and myself have put together an amazing day about color. We’re interviewing and grading with three colorists, talking about tips in Resolve and some very specific answers about HDR.

But I got asked to interview Billy Goldenberg. I interviewed him over a decade ago at a conference and brought him to the Editors Retreat five years ago, and now NAB.

Did I mention he’s cut 30+ films, including Heat, Argo (Oscar), and two of the Transformers films? I’m looking forward to getting him talking about how he works as an editor!


Ultimately, what keeps you and the entire industry coming back to NAB Show year after year?

Getting out of the office helps everyone see that they’re not alone and that there are other people trying to do similar things that they are. You may think you get “almost as good” from the Internet, but I wholeheartedly disagree. There’s something game-changing about talking to manufacturers in person.

You don’t get the scripted demos at NAB. Everything inbetween is critical, and that’s what you get when you’re able to connect with your peers at events like NAB.


To learn more about or register for NAB Show taking place April 6-11 in Las Vegas, click here.


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