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NAB 2016: Datavideo turns your 4K cam into multiple HD cameras

Datavideo’s new KMU-100 delivers multiple HD scaled camera angles.



At NAB 2016, Datavideo has announced it will be showing its new KMU–100, which will accept the single 4K/UHD output of any existing camera and turn it into up to four 16×9 user-defined cropped windows that are sent out as four separate HD signals through HD-SDI.

According to Datavideo, these user defined windows can be scaled to zoom in on a particular subject that you would like to highlight on the 4K signal. An additional 4K camera could be connected to allow up to eight defined outputs from the two 4K signals. As an option, the Datavideo RMC–180 camera controller can be added to facilitate panning, tilting, and zooming to create the user defined windows on the 4K signal. The user can also set up these shots in advance and save them as presets, or you can do it in real-time.

One example cited by Davavideo is: If you wanted to broadcast a live three-piece band concert using a 4K camera, you would simply set up the 4K/UHD camera with a wide angle shot, then connect the camera output to the KMU–100. The, you could use the RMC–180 controller to select up to four 16×9 windows which could be positioned with a joystick as well as resized from any part of the original 4K signal. You can then have the following shots:

  • Wide angle of the band
  • A close up shot of the lead singer
  • Close up drummer and drum set
  • Close up of piano player

These 4 virtual camera signals (up to 1080p) could be connected to any HD-SDI video mixer (commonly but imprecisely known as “switcher”), giving the illusion of a multi camera production when in reality, you only have a single 4K camera.


Video Inputs

  • Quad SDI, 6G-SDI or 12G-SDI
  • HDMI 2.0 video input with support for up to 2160p60. I just checked with Datavideo, and it supports 25p, 29.97p, 50p and 59.94p.
  • Display port video Input with support for up to 2160p60. I just checked with Datavideo, and it supports 25p, 29.97p, 50p and 59.94p.


SDI Video Output

  • 8x 3G-SDI, either 1080p, 720p or 1080i


  • 2x HDMI 1.4


  • SDI Audio Input (16 Channels)
  • SDI Audio Output (16 Channels)

Sync Input (Genlock)

  • blackburst or TriSync

Computer Interface

  • Ethernet RJ45 for control configuration and updates (for laptop)
  • RS–232 / RS–422 x 1

According to Datavideo, the KMU–100 will be shipping the summer of 2016 (presumably, northern hemisphere). KMU–100 will be on display at NAB, 2016 – booth SL#8011. As of publication time of this article, Datavideo has not yet stated the price of the KMU–100. I will either update this article or publish a new one once Datavideo confirms the price.

Does this concept seem familiar?

If what I just explained seems familiar, it may be because perhaps you read my article from January 2016:

Movi streamcorder

Movi, the 4K streamcorder that simulates 720P cams while switching live

The Movi solution is all in one, while the KMU–100 is a systematic approach for use with professional cameras and video mixers.

Also, at least some NewTek TriCasters also allow for creating multiple virtual views from a single physical camera source, although so far, none do so from a 4K/UHD source. If that ever changes, I’ll certainly cover it.

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Allen McLaughlin
Allen McLaughlin

You’ll never replace the creativity of a seasoned multi-camera crew with four flat angles from the same camera position though. Whilst I can see exactly where this is aimed, perhaps music coverage isn’t the best example to be touting ? Will this product allow live panning, zooming and actual ‘live’ camera style lens movements ? For example, if I was to shoot a single performer in wide shot on a stage, would I be able to post produce zooms into long shot, mid shots, close up’s etc, and pan around in those angles as the performer moves around ?

Allan Tépper

I agree completely, but it can certainly do much more than what a single camera can do from a single angle. Everything is relative. Thanks for reading and commenting!


I would like a device that does this for completely different reasons with a 4k HDMI output and i want to define 4 HD windows to output as HDMI from ‘the box’. I could use this but would require and HDMI to SDI converter and 4 SDI to HDMI converters! Then it would be perfect!

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