Music Video Shot With All Three Blackmagic Cameras

Can you tell which shot was shot with what?

The cameras from Blackmagic Design have definitely made an impact on video productions everywhere.  They are inexpensive, easy to use, and pack a powerful punch making all three an easy choice for shooters world-wide.  Now you can see footage from all three cameras in one music video, and I bet you will have just as much trouble as I when it comes to figuring out which shot was shot with which camera.

It is pretty difficult to tell which shot was shot on the 4K Blackmagic Production Camera as well as the 2.5K Cinema Camera and the Pocket Camera.  I have placed my thoughts on which shots were shot on what below.  To get an idea about the shoot here are the production details: It was a one day shoot, one city street, one New Zealand mountain, and a whole bunch of balloons. 


Was this frame shot with the Blackmagic Production Camera?

Audio//Optic chose to shoot ProRes on all three cameras.  In my opinion, this may have helped to bring the different cameras into a much closer picture match.  If each camera had shot at its full capabilities we might be little bit more likely to see the dynamic range difference between the 4K BMPC and the 2.5K BMCC.  As well as the difference in resolution, however in order for us to really pixel peep we'll have to wait for a full resolution test between the three cameras. 

I was really impressed with how well all three cameras cut together in the edit.  I also found despite the difference in file size, prores was a lot easier/faster to edit with in fcpx than what I'm used to with h.264 dslr footage.

Here are some of my guesses… Which are likely way. way. way wrong.


This feels like it was shot on the BMPC and its S35 sized sensor


To me… this feels like it was shot on the BMCC.  It has that… you need a longer lens to get the shallow depth of field look to it.


Again, this feels like it was shot on the BMPC and its S35 sized sensor

Was this shot with the BMPCC?  

Now, I am likely way wrong with all of these.  What are you thoughts?  Make sure to follow Audio//Optic on Vimeo to find out the answers in a couple of weeks.  You can find them here: https://vimeo.com/audiooptic

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