Motion Array Coming In HOT With New Video Review And Portfolio Services

Motion Array has just revolutionized itself into the ultimate video makers platform by adding two powerful new services

For the past few months, the folks over at Motion Array have been quietly working away on some seriously exciting new changes. And according to company co-founder, Tyler William, the number one driver behind these changes: an improved user-experience.

Well, following the launch of Motion Array’s new-and-improved platform on May 1, we’re happy to report that an improved user-experience is exactly what the company’s delivered.

Motion Array—the marketplace for Premiere Pro templates, After Effects templates, royalty free music and stock video —has just revolutionized itself into the ultimate video makers platform by adding two powerful new services: Review, a real-time video collaboration tool, and Portfolio, a portfolio-hosting website-builder tailored specifically to video creators.

These two new features are white-labeled, allowing you to use your own domain address or the provided domain address. They don’t use the URL, so your clients only see your branding, and not Motion Array’s. This is the way it should be.

To understand what these new services will mean for video creators, you first need to understand what they do.

Let’s start with Review. As mentioned, Review is a video collaboration tool that allows you to present draft videos to your colleagues and clients and source feedback from them in real-time. Anyone who has access to a video will be able to pin time-accurate comments to individual frames throughout that video, thereby drastically cutting down on the tedious, back-and-forth that’s traditionally defined the video review process.

Other snazzy features that come with Review include password protection, a fully customizable interface, and the ability for users to upload however many versions of the same video as they want—this last one being a BIG plus all those indecisive editors out there who like to experiment around with a bunch different variations before landing on a final finished product.

Next up we’ve got Portfolio which is kinda like your standard portfolio website-builder but with some seriously clutch differences. First off, Portfolio comes fully integrated with Motion Array’s Review system, meaning that as soon as you’re done polishing off a video, you can post it directly to your portfolio for all your adoring fans and potential clients to see. No exporting, importing, or coding necessary.


Like Review, Motion Array’s Portfolio system is also fully customizable to your personal aesthetic and/or company branding. But if you ask us, where it really shines is with it’s option for users to integrate video covers and…wait for it…PARALLAX SCROLLING(!!!) into the portfolios. Oh, and personalized domain names…they’re also free.

For a more in-depth look at how Motion Array’s sleek Portfolio platform looks and functions, be sure to check out this quick tutorial.

In addition to Review and Portfolio, Motion Array has also taken this moment of reinvention to expand its marketplace, adding hundreds of new products and redesigning its search system to ensure users can find what they need with greater speed and ease than ever before.

Together, these changes offer a pretty exciting outlook for video makers. Where before one had to endure the time and cost of consulting a range of different subscription-based services to get one video project done, they can now achieve everything they need through Motion Array’s comprehensive platform.

What’s more, for Motion Array members it can be completed at no additional cost! That’s because instead of pinging members with individual fees to access their new Review and Portfolio services, Motion Array has simply slipped them into their existing subscription packages for free!

As for anyone who isn’t yet a Motion Array member, you’ll be pleased to know it won’t break the bank to become one. Motion Array offers three paid subscription plans, starting at $24/month, as well as a free Lite version for all those who like to try before they buy.

Not bad when you consider that this also comes with 1GB to 50GB of upload storage (depending on your plan) plus access to tens of thousands of Premier Pro and After Effects templates, videos, motion graphics, and stock music files that once downloaded, you’ll be able to keep FOREVEEEER!

We know, right? Talk about a sweet bargain.

To learn more about Motion Array’s new kickass platform or dip your toes in a free subscription, just head on over to their website and see for yourself what’s up!



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