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Mercalli® V4 Suite from proDAD is now available for Sony Vegas Pro

Stabilization and CMOS distortion correction power of Mercalli V4 is now available in a Vegas Pro workflow

We’ve previously covered what Mercalli V4 can do to and for footage, and it’s no small feat. As Bruce Johnson said, when it comes to footage that’s taken from a camera that isn’t stabilized, much of that footage is unwatchable and even unusable. proDAD’s Mercalli V4 SAL+ addresses the vibration, skew and other motion defects to turn things around for that unwatchable footage.

Today, proDAD announced they’re bringing these capabilities to Sony Vegas Pro users with the release of Mercalli V4 Suite for Sony Vegas Pro. The plug-in offers a full-auto mode, analyzing selected clips selected on the timeline, provides interactive charts highlighting the critical shaky spots within a clip and plenty more. Full details are available via the press release below.


Mercalli Suite 3D Family VEGAS R1v1proDAD today announced the immediate availability of its Mercalli V4 Suite for Sony Vegas Pro which includes the Mercalli V4 Stabilizr & Mercalli V4 cmosFIXR plug-ins for the Sony Vegas Pro video editing application, bringing advanced video stabilization and dynamic CMOS sensor distortion correction directly into the Vegas timeline for seamless professional video editing. The Mercalli V4 Suite for Vegas also includes the highly acclaimed Mercalli V4 SAL+ stand-alone application.

The new Mercalli V4 Stabilizr plug-in for Vegas offers a full-auto mode, analyzing selected clips selected on the timeline and choosing the appropriate settings for optimal results, though the user can control almost every step of the optimization manually if desired. The Stabiizr plug-in also provides interactive charts highlighting the critical shaky spots within a clip, assisting the user in finding the optimal correction for the specific scene. The need to zoom-in is dramatically reduced with Mercalli V4 technology, maximizing video resolution.

The new cmosFIXR plug-in analyzes a video clip, learning the camera’s CMOS sensor characteristics and automatically corrects the distortions in the video caused by vibration and oscillations the camera was subjected to, effectively reducing wobble, jello, and vibration jitter. When used with the Mercalli V4 Stabilizr plug-in, the combined CMOS distortion correction and advanced stabilization

“Ever since we introduced the new Mercalli V4 technology platform in December 2014 we have been besieged with requests for a Vegas plug-in” said Robert DeMoulin, CEO of proDAD Inc. “With the new Mercalli V4 Suite for Vegas Pro, we can now integrate the perfect one-two punch of advanced video stabilization coupled with exclusive CMOS distortion correction, conveniently into the Vegas workflow, to optimize the final quality of a user’s video production.”

“proDAD has been a long-time supporter of, and partner to, the Sony Creative Software family of products, and we’re pleased to see them bring their latest innovations to our Vegas Pro customers.” said Michael Bryant, Director of Marketing for Sony Creative Software. “Vegas Pro is one of the most popular video production platforms out there and proDAD’s new Mercalli V4 Suite for Vegas brings advanced video stabilization and image enhancement tools to Vegas Pro users.”

Unique to the Mercalli V4 Suite for Vegas Pro plug-ins is the “fade”-option to seamlessly start and end stabilization, bringing to life an oft-requested feature to stabilize a short sequence within a longer shot. In the past, users either made hard cuts or dissolve needed to be applied to achieve this. A batch-processing function, keeping track of all files that have either been changed or not been analyzed yet, allows the user to initiate the analyzing-process whenever needed; thus making the workflow as efficient as possible.


Price & Availability

The Mercalli V4 Suite for Vegas Pro is currently available, with an MSRP of $399 and contains both plugins as well as the stand-alone version of Mercalli V4 SAL+. The Mercalli V4 Stabilizr and Mercalli V4 cmosFIXR plug-ins can be also purchased separately for $149 each. There is an introduction special that discounts the prices 20% through October 31, 2015.

Upgrades from older Mercalli versions are available as well. Please visit proDAD.com for more information.

About proDAD

proDAD develops and distributes innovative video effects and image enhancement solutions for creative video editing and multimedia applications. Founded in 1990, the company serves the international market with numerous renown, and award-winning products including Adorage® and VitaScene® video effects products, Heroglyph® video titling, and Mercalli® video stabilization + rolling-shutter correction plug-ins for popular video NLEs. proDAD also develops action/sports camera video enhancement as stand-alone tools, including ProDrenalin, ReSpeedr, and DeFishr. Headquartered in Immindingen Germany, proDAD also maintains branch offices in the U.S. and Japan.


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