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Media Composer 101 – Advanced – Transfer Modes

This tutorial is one that HAD to be done.  I get asked this question probably more than any other editing question.  How do you utilize transfer modes inside of Media Composer.  The short answer is… don’t.  There is only one small aspect of Media Composer where transfer modes were implemented, and that is in the Paint effect.  But, to be honest, I’ve never used the Paint effect in the entire time I’ve been editing in Media Composer.  So what do you do?  Export all your footage to AE?  No.  There are a few ways to work with transfer modes inside of Media Composer, but they require third party plug-ins to do it.  Luckily, if you’ve upgraded from version seven of Media Composer, chances are you already have a tool at your disposal (either Avid FX or BCC8), where a transfer mode effect is available to you.  In this lesson, I’ll show you how to use both BCC and Avid FX to work with transfer modes in your Media Composer timeline, and I even throw in how to use Genarts Sapphire to create the same effect, and I’ll even show you how you can quickly create a keyable element from a VFX shot that has no alpha channel, so if you’re really on a budget, and can’t afford to get a third party plug-in to achieve a specific look, at least you can make that element keyable.


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