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Picturepark 6.0 – Significantly new
Swiss solution developer Vision-IT releases a significantly new version of its Media Asset Management system Picturepark. Picturepark 6.0 mainly features a new user interface based on AJAX. This technology allows an easy and rich use of the system via web browser.

Aarau – 26.03.2008 (Vision-IT) – “In April we start updating first customers to Picturepark 6.0”, explains Ramon Forster, Head of Marketing & Sales. “The new version of Picturepark will be as responsive and rich as using an Office-Application, even though Picturepark is run in a web browser.”

Picturepark 6.0 includes a completely new user interface, which is extremely easy to use and which distinguishes itself with more dynamics, its fast reaction and increased functionality.
Picturepark 6.0 provides modern and clear design and abundant new features. For example you can directly access the context-menu by right mouse click and move or copy assets per drag & drop. Processes load data in the background providing users a fast and very responsive experience.

Technologically Picturepark uses the AJAX framework, which is also used by Google applications and which exchanges data asynchronously and dynamically between the server and the browser. Thus, the web browser does not have to reload the entire web page each time the user requests a change. This increases the speed, functionality and usability of the web application.

Picturepark is a market leading Digital Asset Management system used by worldwide operating companies such as E.ON, Swatch, Siemens or Linde Group. All customers with existing ASP hosting and software maintenance agreements are updated to the new version of Picturepark at no additional costs.

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