Mark, Replace, Slip

On this week’s MacBreak Studio

This week on MacBreak Studio, Steve Martin from Ripple Training shows us a cool trick for performing a particular kind of replace edit in Final Cut Pro X.

Replace edits are quite powerful tools for swapping out one clip in a project for another or adjusting (slipping) an existing clip to a specific frame.

While you can easily perform replace edits based on the start or end of a project clip, or swap out one clip for another based on its own start and end point, replacing one clip with another based on a specific frame somewhere inside the clip takes a few extra steps in Final Cut Pro X. By adding markers and performing a slip edit, you can quickly adjust a replaced clip to match the frame you'd like.

In Final Cut Pro 7 and earlier it was possible to perform such an edit with a single key stroke, and Steve and I would both like to see this feature added to a future update of Final Cut Pro X.


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Mark Spencer is a freelance producer, videographer, editor, trainer and writer based in the Bay Area. He produces Final Cut Pro X-related training and plugins for with his partners at Ripple Training. He is an…