Making Waves in Motion

This Week on MacBreak Studio

This week on MacBreak Studio, I show Steve Martin from Ripple Training several different methods for creating wave animations in Motion.

When using Motion to create motion graphics, you can often accomplish a give task using many different approaches. Using an example of a wave animation, I demonstrate how it is possible to create the same animation using several methods, taking advantage of the fact that the same “geometry” options appear in very different places in Motion. Here, the Wave shape (along with many other options) can be selected as a motion path for the Motion Path behavior, as a shape for a Replicator, or as an emitting path for an Emitter. In each case there are different options for changing the look of the shape and the animation of the shape, including the ability to align the options along the path, and moving in 3D space.

As you build your knowledge of Motion's toolset, my hope is that each time you approach a new project, that you'll have a broader array of approaches in your arsenal and be able to choose the one that works the best in your particular circumstances.


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