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Magic Bullet Frames Now Shipping

Get the 24p Look of Film Right in Final Cut Pro, Motion or Premiere Pro


Red Giant Software, developer and publisher of professional digital video tools including the award-winning Magic Bullet Looks shipped Magic Bullet Frames v1.0. It is now possible to shoot low-cost video and get the expensive look of film right in Final Cut Pro, Motion, or Premiere Pro. Start with ordinary interlaced video, apply Magic Bullet Frames’ plug-in in any of the supported applications to get quick and high-quality frame rate conversions with the look of true 24p film.

Magic Bullet Frames offers motion-adaptive and field-blended modes to get top quality footage at high speeds, delivering great looking, artifact-free output. Included in the Frames tool is letterboxing and line offset controls to easily create mattes and adjust the image inside the letterbox area.

“With Magic Bullet Frames, we have taken the tools that used to be available just as part of Magic Bullet Suite 2 and made them available separately at a much lower price. The package also has broader appeal with the Frames and Deartifacter tools available in Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro,” said Sean Safreed, Product Director at Red Giant Software.

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Key Features
True video-to 24p conversion with motion adaptive conversion and automatic pull-down insertion
Integrated letterboxing in Frames lets users create widescreen-like content from standard video
Fast field-blending algorithm produces the fastest results
Works with Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Motion
Removes DV compression artifacts with Deartifacter filter
Offers the Magic Bullet plug-in now called Frames Plus for higher-quality 24p conversion in After Effects.
Includes Magic Bullet Suite tools, Broadcast Spec, Letterboxer, and Opticals plug-ins (After Effects only)

What’s New?
New support for more host editing applications, including Premiere Pro CS3, Final Cut Studio 2
Fast and high-quality de-interlacing filters in Frames
De-artifacter plug-in repairs lost color information in DV and HDV source material

Pricing and Availability
– Magic Bullet Frames (formerly Magic Bullet 24p) is available for $199 USD.
– Customers that purchased Magic Bullet Suite after April 10, 2007 qualify for a free copy of Magic Bullet Frames as part of their Magic Bullet Suite 2007 upgrade.
– Magic Bullet Suite 2.1 customers can upgrades to Magic Bullet Suite 2007, which includes Magic Bullet Colorista, Looks, Instant HD, and Magic Bullet Frames for $199

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