Lumix TS7: a pocketable 4K compact for underwater video

Panasonic has a suggestion for outdoor adventurers: capture all your memories, no matter the conditions, with 4K Video and 4K Photo, with a Lumix TS7. Even underwater.

Available in early Summer in blue, orange and black, with a price of $449.99, the Lumix TS7 is your 4K video camera if you like to go underwater, down to 31 meters.

Named TS7 in North America and FT7 elsewhere, the new compact camera is the first of its kind to offer a viewfinder. Besides that, the successor to the TS6 introduces one feature that will be most welcome if you like to have a camera always ready to action, no matter where you are: 4K video, which comes with Panasonic’s 4K Photo option, present in so many of the company’s camera.

When even the 10fps high-speed burst shooting at full resolution (the TS7 has a 20.4 MP sensor) is not enough, photographers have the option to use Panasonic’s 4K Photo, shooting at 30fps in 8-megapixel equivalent resolution, extracting the best frame from a 4K burst to save as a photo, so nothing gets lost when the action starts. One note here: the camera does not use RAW, even in the “normal” shooting mode.

But it’s the video segment that really makes the TS7 special: the camera offers 4K UHD video recording, something that was missing from the TS6. Able to shoot 3840 x 2160 video at 30p/ 24p in MP4 in addition to Full-HD 1,920 x 1,080 60p videos in MP4 (MPEG-4 / H.264) format with practical full-time AF. The camera’s 4.6x optical zoom with POWER O.I.S. is also available in video recording to suppress hand shake, and an Auto Wind Cut function blocks most of the noise created by background wind. High Speed Video feature enables recording in HD (1280×720) at 120 fps/100 fps, and Time Lapse /Stop Motion Animation functions are also available.

Lumix TS7: a pocketable 4K compact for underwater video

There is also a viewfinder, which is a first for a rugged compact camera like this. Although it won’t be of much use underwater, it will make the camera more usable on land, when you need to compose your shots in strong sunlight, and the screen use is impractical. The 0.2-inch 1,170k-dot equivalent Live View Finder not only allows for precise composition of your images, it also helps to save battery life in harsh conditions. The 3.0-inch rear monitor, which you’ll use many times, boasts the highest-in-class 1,040k-dot resolution and uses tough, tempered-glass, so you have the best of both worlds.

Lumix TS7: a pocketable 4K compact for underwater video

The sensor is also an evolution, in terms of resolution, offering  20.4-megapixel against the 16MP from the TS6. Optically, the TS7 features a 28mm wide angle 4.6x (28-128mm equivalent) optical zoom lens (with Power O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilisation) to help keep your shots steady even during rocky activities. Waterproof (up to 31m / 102ft), shockproof (to 2m/6.6ft), freeze proof (to -10°C), dustproof and pressure resistant (to 100kg/220lbf), the TS7 is, according to Panasonic, the perfect rugged companion for all your extreme experiences.

In a time when being connected seems to be essential, the Panasonic TS7 offers the means to easily use Wi-Fi to upload your photos and videos to Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and more. Images can also be GPS geo-tagged to ensure you always remember exactly where your adventures took place. If traveling to remote locations, don’t worry about running out of juice while on the go, as the TS7 supports USB charging for instant power from battery packs when wall charging is out of bounds.

Lumix TS7: a pocketable 4K compact for underwater video

Designed so you have all the tools to come home, from your adventures, with the best images, the camera offers special modes modes such as time-lapse shooting, 22 creative filters and panorama mode, which can capture both horizontal and vertical images. The TS7 can even help with your night-time escapades, such as rock climbing or cave walking, as it can be used as a torch light, without the camera function being activated.

Although larger and heavier than the TS6, the TS7 continues to be a pocketable camera, with dimensions of 4.59 x 2.99 x 1.46 inches (116.7 x 76.1 x 37.3 millimeters) and a weight of 11.25 ounces (319 grams) with battery and SD card. Because this is a camera for adventurers, the TS7 also includes two tools you’ll appreciate: a compass and altimeter, making it ideal for a huge range of outdoor activities, including fishing, camping, diving, snorkelling, surfing, snowboarding, skiing and mountain climbing. This is a camera, says Panasonic, that is ready to capture the moments when you’d normally have to leave your other devices behind.

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