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Let’s Edit with Media Composer – Creating Realistic Camera Shake

In this Let’s Edit with Media Composer tutorial, we’re bridging the gap between After Effects and Media Composer with the help of BCC 10!

I’m always interested in finding clever ways to do new things.  This tutorial is a perfect example of that.  After Effects is an application that I use on a daily basis.  Sometimes more than my NLE, and I’ll be honest with you.  You can always do things ten times better, and have it looking ten times more realistic than you can in your NLE.  A camera shake is a great example of that.  In many cases, I’m not looking for some violent shaking effect that will make you sick just looking at it.  I’m looking for a smooth, slightly moving effect, and the Motion Sketch tool inside of After Effects is now I always do it there (assuming I don’t have an effect that can create it for me).  My big problem was that I wanted this effect inside of Media Composer, but there was no way to get it there, without having to export every shot I wanted a camera shake effect added to.  Well, that’s where BCC comes into play.  Using BCC’s DVE effect, I was able to copy all the keyframe parameters from the Motion Sketch effect’s position parameter, and paste it into the X/Y position parameter of DVE.  Now, I can simply save this effect out as a preset, and then open it in the BCC DVE effect inside of Media Composer, and I have now transferred that Motion Sketch information directly from After Effects to Media Composer, and the best part is that I can create 10, 20, 30 or even a hundred different camera shake effects, and transfer them all over, via presets, to my Media Composer timeline!

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