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Let’s Edit with Media Composer – ADVANCED – BCC Pan & Zoom

Boris Continuum Complete is more than just a visual effects package.  It’s a toolkit of essential tools that you, as an editor, need to get your job done, not only as quickly as possible, but looking the best that it can look.  Many people believe that they don’t need third party effects to get their jobs done, and they’ll just use the tools available to them that come standard with the application.  That might be the case, but let me tell you, you’ll be missing out big time, especially with effects like BCC Pan & Zoom.  The Avid Pan & Zoom effect was implemented years ago, and hasn’t seen an update, well, ever.  This is where Avid relies on their third party developers to step in and fill the void with exception “upgrades”, like in the case of Pan & Zoom.  Not only is this version of Pan & Zoom superior to Avid’s version in just about every way, it  saw an update a little while ago, to take what was great, and make it even better!


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