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Let There be Light…

Joe McNally talks about light – the be all and end all of imaging


In the video interview I’m talking with Joe about how you pay your dues. Study and experiment every day. Gather tips, tricks and ideas from every expert you can find. It’s a real treasure to be able to listen to Joe and to read and analyze his books. Every inspirational step brings you closer to defining your own vision of light.

In our family there is little difference between religion and photography. Fun aside, the technical marvels of cameras and speed lights are nothing short of miraculous. Joe holds forth on how seeing, using and manipulating light for imapct and storytelling are the both the photographer’s salvation and greatest challenge. Sumit and oubliette. Understanding and harnessing light is why you spend 10,000 hours before you’re a real photographer. And then you turn around and spend more time with innovations!

Reaching for the Light – our bit of fun wondering if Adam attended the Flash Bus Tour

Here’s some things others are saying about the Hobby-McNally Flash Bus Tour:

Cliff Lawson, Certified Professional Photographer says, “With these guys, half the ticket cost is worth it just for the entertainment value. They are both entertaining, but McNally is downright funny. I think that when the information is combined with humor, retention is much better. The balance of one guy who is usually in the manual mode and occasionally in TTL and the other guy who is usually TTL and occasionally in manual, was excellent. A very worthwhile day.”

From Patricia Penta, Penta Photography, “These two gurus are masters of on-location lighting with small speed lights (i.e. flashes), but their lighting methods are as different as night and day. Both instructors focused on lighting concepts, rather than lighting formulas. We learned step-by-step how to layer with light. These guys showed us how to create a variety of looks ON LOCATION by thinking creatively, mastering lighting, and letting the environment “talk” to us.
“This seminar was worth the time and money – It even inspired me to go home and try out some of the new techniques last night!”
Clayton & Carole Vandenberg add, “We thought the day was valuable and would recommend it to anyone interested in lighting.  As in all training, one gets out of it what one is ready to learn.
“The morning consisted of David Hobby (aka, the Stobist), who didn’t shoot during his presentation, presenting his “workflow” using scenario examples in a slide show.  He demonstrated how he uses light and how to add various kinds and amounts of light to get the results he wanted.  He discussed what gear he likes to use, what lighting equipment travels light, and how to make very creative and low cost lighting solutions.
“The afternoon consisted of Joe McNally, who did shoot – a lot!  It was a fast paced, real-time demonstration of how to take flash photos with various set-ups.  With several assistants. models, and the usual quick wit, attendees were shown how to think through the building of a lighting set up.  Each shot fed into a computer and was immediately available on the 2 big screens in the room.
“Despite being world famous “lighting gurus,” both took questions throughout the day and were available during the breaks.  At the end of the day they were on stage taking any and all questions from the attendees.”

Hot to check out the Flash Bus Tour yourself? There are lots of city stops left!
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