Learn the Fusion page in Resolve: in 20 minutes

The venerable node-based visual effects package Fusion, now available directly from your editing timeline

Blackmagic have really pushed the limit in terms of what you can get for free in the software realm. Not only have they turned what was previously a high six-figure color grading package into a world-class NLE, but they’ve added feature film-grade visual effects and precision audio tools. Specifically, the Fusion page offers a VFX and motion graphics powerhouse accessible directly from the edit timeline.

The problem for most editors is that the Fusion page isn’t just another suite of tools to learn, it’s downright alien. If you’ve spent years stacking layers in a timeline, stringing nodes together in a seemingly random fashion can be downright intimidating. Ironically, non-linear editing is about as linear as workflows get, at least when you compare it to node workflows.

The concept of node-based compositing really isn’t that complicated, it’s just foreign. To get editors up to speed with using Fusion, moviola.com has created a free (like all the training on the site) survival guide. Now to get the most out of the training we also recommend watching the companion Introduction to Node-based Compositing, but even adding that to your viewing your total time investment sits at around 30 minutes.

So if you’ve been too intimidated to dive into Resolve’s fusion page, what better time than today?

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