K-Stackers Are Popular New Fluorescent Lighting Support From MSE


Matthews Studio Equipment announces the introduction of K-Stackers, a simple solution for fluorescent lighting support. Based on a concept from Canadian-based gaffer Alex Amyot, MSE has created a strong and robust tool that turns single fluorescents into a multiple of powerful lighting supports.

K-Stackers allow the placement of large fluorescent fixtures in a tight pattern for more punch. Or, a fast “dead down” light with fluorescent fixtures hung from a Junior Boom or telescoping hanger.


With K-Stackers a “Tower of Fluo Power” can be created by tying together two or three large fluorescent fixtures on a rolling stand or Runway Base. Mount up to six 4-foot fixtures, hang the ballasts off the back, tie everything together into a power strip and, with just a stinger to the power source, this compact, powerful light source can be moved almost anywhere.


Two K-Stackers on a stand or base allows for placement of four 4-foot fluorescent fixtures vertically around the stand, creating a “campfire” lighting source.


Rotate the pin 90 degrees and K-Stackers can be conformed from a horizontal to a vertical light fixture mode.

Now building multiples of the production world’s most popular and professional fluorescent fixtures into a compact configuration is easy, quick and save – thanks to MSE’s newest simple solution – K-Stacker.

“Crews spend a great deal of time building contraptions out of C-stands to achieve the same effect that the K-Stacker gives them in moments,” says Kelly Koskella, President of Hollywood Rentals, one of the first companies to take delivery of the new K-Stackers. “Those time-saving quality products are what production professionals demand. Hollywood Rentals is always on the lookout for tools that improve production for our clients, and K-Stackers certainly do that.”

PVC News Staff

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