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This is why I’ve been kinda quiet of late

Aside from the photo gallery of the PNW Lens Summit, I haven’t been very active here recently. This is why: I’ve been busy building a “new” iPhone app, FieldMonitor.


FieldMonitor lets you wirelessly monitor Panasonic GH5s, GH4s, and similar cameras (as long as they talk the same Wi-Fi protocol). It provides exposure, color, and focus controls, along with video start/stop and still photo triggers. FieldMonitor also has a full range of engineering ’scopes—WFMs, vectorscopes, and histograms—a false-color display, and anamorphic desqueeze.

I say it’s a “new” app because it’s version 3 of an older app, Wi-Fi WFM, that provided monitoring and ’scopes for Teradek transmitters. That proved so wildly popular that it sold 47 copies over 18 months. 47 copies! Teradek monitoring is, apparently, a somewhat esoteric market. No worries, though: the new version keeps the Teradek capability alongside the new stuff.

So if you shoot with Panasonic hybrid cameras, you might want to have a look. There’s lots of information on the website, so it’s not a completely blind $20 leap of faith to try it out.

Disclosure: Yes, I wrote the danged thing, and I stand to profit from its sales. Preferably more than 47 sales in 18 months, at that. So, yes, you should be suspicious when I tell you it’s the greatest thing since 10-bit internal log recording, especially since I’m not telling you that at all. I’m just saying, “here it is.” What you do with that info is up to you.

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So if the just using the built-in wifi from the GH cameras? And I ask this as a Sony Alpha owner who’s Sony Alpha also has built-in wifi (I think ….). Any chance it would work with the Sony Alphas?

Lowell Sherris
Lowell Sherris

It’s a great App. I wish you could port this to Android.

Nicholas Murphy
Nicholas Murphy
Dude this app smokes Panasonic’s one. Only thing is during manual (lens)l focus pulling during recording the menu button borders and “Camera Busy” text flicker in and out constantly. This is quite distracting, so maybe just have them fixed rather. Also this app is so cool that I’d love for it to be a massive success being a GH4 user myself. I’m also a professional designer who has worked on a few app and web UX projects so I’d like to update your app icon look for free, giving it a more modern design that fits with Apple’s app style… Read more »
Paul T
Paul T

This app seems great!
One feature I would love to see is pulling of focus between two values.