iPhone 13 ProRes — 6 questions for Apple 3
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Nicholas Lear

Will be great to know as I’m getting my first iPhone this year. Allan, as far as I can tell, thus far Filmic Pro has to record in VFR. Is that right? It also doesn’t have access to turn down sharpening on iOS, whereas it does on Android.

Nicholas Lear

Thanks Allan for confirming. That makes sense. It’s annoying that Apple doesn’t give those options because it would make a big difference.

Warren Heaton

Hopefully everything listed in this article is supported.

If it’s just p30 and p60 ProRes then that will be disappointing, but it’s a huge step forward. If I had one dollar for every forum post I’ve read about a challenge working with H264/H265 based MP4 creates while editing, I’d have ordered the iPhone 13 Pro Max with 1TB already. And two Apple Pro XDR Displays. And a fully loaded Mac Pro. So forth, and so on. 🙂

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