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Imerge Pro: FXhome announces the world’s first RAW image compositor

From FXhome, the same company that created HitFilm Studio or Ignite Pro, comes Imerge Pro, a raw image compositor that uses the power of your GPU to work in 16-bit color space.

Imerge Pro, the world’s first RAW image compositor

From green screen photography to studio or event photography, Imerge Pro has you covered: it’s the world’s first RAW image compositor that let’s you try new effects and revert course if you’re not happy.

The world already has a series of solutions for image editing but there is, apparently, space for one more, and FXhome announced Imerge Pro, which is a photo editing and compositing tool with two features you’ll want to know: it’s the world’s first non-destructive RAW image compositor, and it is provided, as FXhome states, with a “no subscription” model. You acquire a perpetual license and have 12 months of updates free. The software, available for both PC and Mac, costs $149.

What is Imerge Pro? If you’ve asked this and want to know more than the “world’s first” notion used by marketing, continue reading. According to FXhome, Imerge Pro is the tool that will allow you to “make Hollywood-level composites” using what the company says “is first software of its kind to edit RAW images without compression or loss of quality. Includes advanced Luminance and Chroma Keying, 35+ one-click filters, Batch Processing and 16-bit colour processing. Key, edit, crop and color your way to high-end composites without fear of baking your changes in.

Imerge Pro, the world’s first RAW image compositor

Cut down editing time

The program has everything for either working on single images, with full control, or quickly batch process large quantities of images shot, meaning it can be of use for different types of photographers, in areas as event or studio photography. But it is also adequate to anyone who loves to experiment with new effects, play with RAW color data, and easily try something else. Composite is faster, with 38 filters covering everything from Clarity to Dehaze, or Directional Blur to Black & White. Whether you want more vibrant colors or crisp, clear edge detail in seconds, or precisely adjust the saturation of specific hues in your image,  the software allows you to scale up image quality and cut down editing time.

Flexible layers mean endless possibilities. Imerge Pro promises pro-level composites with unlimited layers and zero baked-in changes. FXhome says Imerge Pro is the first photo editing software to keep your image data RAW and your layers self-contained. Every edit is live. Every change is flexible. The feature seems similar to the one promised by ON1 for it’s ON1 Photo RAW 2019, but no doubt, Imerge Pro is the first to make it to the market.

Imerge Pro, the world’s first RAW image compositor

Cinematic looks and lots of LUTs

The effects present in Imerge Pro are, says FXhome, more than another cookie cutter solution. Yes, you do have the tools to stay on-trend with ease, with everything from cinematic looks to fashion-shots, from Instagram-style filters to Ansel Adams-style black and white wonders, as Imerge has got everything built-in. But you are invited to add some personal flair with customizable sliders.

There is more, though. Users can create their own custom grade inside the software, or import their favorite LUTs for the perfect look in no time at all. This will save time in post-production, unify your images with certain looks and start yourself down the road to a perfect color grade.

A set of tools that immediately caught my attention is related to green screen, as that’s something I used with some other software, years ago. It was not great, as far as I remember. Imerge Pro makes it easier, FXhome states: “No more manual keying! Imerge Pro automatically removes green screen from areas that would take hours with industry standard software. “ I have to try that.

Imerge Pro, the world’s first RAW image compositor

You dictate what comes next

Imerge Pro is FXhome’s “latest and greatest gift to the professional photography community – and it’s only on the first version” says the company, adding that “we’re rapidly developing based on your feedback, and we want you to hop along for the ride.” The program was designed, according to the information available, “by humans like you”, so you “don’t have to google every feature to know how to use it. Every slider and effect is where you need it to be.”

There is much more to Imerge Pro than what is described here, but I believe the notes published will make you go and check the webpage dedicated to the program. There is a demo version available. Give it a try. That’s what I am going to do next. And your input may be important because, as FXhome puts it, “you dictate what comes next.”

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