ImageNet Photo and Video Extracts Data

ImageNet Photo & VideoImageNet Photo and Video Extracts Data from Digital Media in a Flexible, Web Services-Enabled .NET® Environment

ImageNet Photo and Video instantly reads, extracts and analyzes data from digital photos and video images. It brings Mitek’s pattern recognition expertise to new forms of digital media.

ImageNet Photo and Video is an essential tool for organizations that need to improve business processes by extracting data from a variety of media sources, including images taken from camera phones and security cameras, or from uploaded Web content.

Mitek System’s highly accurate technology will read, extract and analyze data from any captured object such as license plates, street signs or billboards. The technology is optimized for color and ambient lighting conditions, and compensates for low contrast images.

The key to unlocking the power of ImageNet Photo and Video is Mitek’s Microsoft® .NET®-based ImageNet platform. ImageNet’s Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) means application developers and integrators can add more than a dozen capabilities to their existing applications. Or they can run them separately in a Web browser or rich client. And ImageNet exposes all this functionality through a single Application Programming Interface (API).

Already, customers are finding unique advantages deploying ImageNet Photo and Video, among them a leading supplier of automation systems for marine container terminals that utilizes ImageNet Photo and Video for its image analysis, cleanup and recognition capabilities to locate and read multi-line alphanumeric codes on shipping containers and truck chassis. In addition, the capabilities found in ImageNet Photo and Video are the foundation for Mitek’s ImageNet Mobile Deposit application, the first mobile banking software that allow banks to accept check deposits and bill payments via images taken from camera-equipped mobile phones.

ImageNet Photo and Video is the latest addition to Mitek System’s integrated .NET recognition platform launched last year that includes ImageNet Mobile, ImageNet Prep & ID, ImageNet Payments, ImageNet Remote Remit, ImageNet Fraud, ImageNet Signature and ImageNet Data Capture. Best of all, ImageNet delivers Mitek’s patented portfolio of recognition, image enhancement and fraud-detection technologies faster and less expensively than ever before – while preserving your existing software investment.

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