Hybrid USB/XLR microphones: the missing workflow for independent voice talent and podcasters

An ebook inspired by a need among voice talent, and a vision of a workflow using little known tools and techniques


Several times a month, I am inspired to write and publish an article about one of my varied interests. This happens less frequently with books that I write and publish, but it does happen. In this case, it has to do with a need I’ve seen for quite a while among independent voice talent and podcasters who generally work from home or an office (not from a recording studio). Often many professional voice talent just need to record audio (not to edit it), and are confused about what microphone to get, what non-editing audio recording app to use to record uncompressed AIFF or WAVE, and when (and how) to record either 44.1 or 48 kHz. So I wrote an ebook in two languages, with photos and appropriate screen shots for each language.

How to read a Kindle book without a Kindle device

Fortunately, the Kindle ebook format is universal, since Amazon gives away a free Kindle app for the following devices: iPad, iPhone, Mac computers, Windows computers, Android phones, Android tablets, Windows Phone 7, and even some Blackberry phones.

The ebook, in English

In English, it is currently available in the following Amazon stores, depending upon your region:

If you’re going to buy a Kindle book to give as a gift, you must do so via the Pan-American Amazon store, regardless of where you or your recipient resides.

El libro electrónico, en castellano

En castellano, está disponible actualmente en las siguientes tiendas Amazon, según tu región:

Si vas a comprar un libro Kindle para regalarlo, debes hacerlo vía la tienda Amazon panamericana, sin importar donde vivas tú o dónde viva el destinatario.

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Allan Tépper

Born in Connecticut, United States, Allan Tépper is a bilingual consultant, multi-title author, tech journalist, translator, and language activist who has been working with professional video since the eighties. Since 1994, Tépper has been consulting both end-users and manufacturers through his Florida company. Via TecnoTur, Tépper has been giving video tech seminars in several South Florida’s universities and training centers, and in a half dozen Latin American countries, in their native language. Tépper has been a frequent radio/TV guest on several South Florida, Guatemalan, and Venezuelan radio and TV stations. As a certified ATA (American Translators Association) translator, Tépper has translated and localized dozens of advertisements, catalogs, software, and technical manuals for the Spanish and Latin American markets. He has also written many contracted white papers for tech manufacturers. Over the past 18 years, Tépper’s articles have been published or quoted in more than a dozen magazines, newspapers, and electronic media in Latin America. Since 2008, Allan Tépper’s articles have been published frequently –in English– in ProVideo Coalition magazine, and since 2014, he is is the director of CapicúaFM.com. His website is AllanTépper.com.

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