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HP adds Thunderbolt 3 and beats Apple Mac in other areas

At its HP press event in New York last week, the company announced many key advances in new models.

HP ZBook Studio G3 Mobile Workstation Right Facing 605

At Hewlett Packard’s press event in New York last week, the company announced several new desktop and mobile workstation models which boast the third-generation of Intel’s Thunderbolt connectivity, together with other notable hardware advances not present in any current Apple Mac computer. Ahead I will clarify many of the advances, and preview pending articles and reviews.

Thunderbolt 3 in HP’s new workstations

So far, I have reviewed several Thunderbolt devices, including disk arrays (RAIDs) and audio/video interfaces. To date, no Apple computer yet to be released offer’s Thunderbolt 3, only 1 and 2. Although I will go into much more detail in upcoming articles, here I will summarize that Thunderbolt 3 reportedly offers double the bandwidth to 40 Gbit/s (5 GB/s or gigabytes per second) of Thunderbolt 2 and also allows multiple 4K Ultra HD monitors to be connected. See my upcoming article Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C: How do they relate?

A matte display is available with all of HP’s newest mobile workstations/laptops

Unlike Apple, which unfortunately stopped offering a matte option in all MacBook models several years ago, all of HP’s newest mobile workstations/laptops are available with a matte screen either at 1080p or DreamColor 4K UHD. The only glossy screens on these new HP mobile workstations/laptops come if you order the touchscreen version.

HP ZBook Studio G3 Mobile Workstation 605

This includes the new HP ZBook Studio (shown above) which I’ll be reviewing soon.

HP Z Turbo Drive Quad Pro

zturbo g3 hero tcm

The HP Z Turbo Drive Quad Pro resolves the storage bottleneck by permitting users to power through large data storage challenges with amazing performance speeds.

zturbo g3 gallery img2 tcm 245 2119618

Desktop Z Workstations can be equipped with up to four super-fast HP Z Turbo Drive G2 modules into one PCIe x16 card. This solution delivers sequential performance up to 9.0GB/s (9.0 gigabytes per second). Additionally, the HP Z Turbo Drive Quad Pro enhances data integrity from power loss protection circuitry to save work in the event of a power failure. The HP Z Turbo Drive Quad Pro can be used with HP Z440, Z640 and Z840 Workstations.

Other video editing advantages, TBA

There are other video editing advantages that are yet to be confirmed. Standby.

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