HitFilm Pro 2017 and Ignite Pro 2017 released

The all-in-one video editing and visual effects software HitFilm Pro 2017 is now available, allowing anyone to do Hollywood-style visual effects. Ignite Pro 2017 was also released

HitFilm Pro 2017 and Ignite Pro 2017 released

HitFilm released the new version of their professional grade post-production tools for a growing to a community of over 750,000 filmmakers, pointing out that HitFilm Pro 2017 has no subscription fees.

The buzz word these days seems to be “no subscription fees”,  so HitFilm could not resist to use it in its marketing of the all-in-one video editing and visual effects software HitFilm Pro 2017, proving that professional grade post-production tools can be made accessible for everyone.

The program, which offers power, choice and value for creators at every level, aims to give everyone the tools to create professional-level visual effects at home, something that used to be cumbersome not long ago. Now, says the company,  the fastest growing video effects software in the world, HitFilm is the only video product to combine an editor, a compositor and a powerful 3D tool with over 500 visual effects and presets.

“HitFilm is about empowering filmmakers and giving them the tools they need to bring their ideas to life,” says Josh Davies, Founder and CEO of HitFilm. “We’re excited to share the brand new HitFilm Pro 2017 with our users. It is a massive upgrade which includes many highly requested features like Scopes, Action Cam support and hundreds of new presets. HitFilm is the best software for your next video project.”

HitFilm Pro 2017’s new features raise the bar for every type of filmmaker: from editors to visual effects artists, motion graphics artists to colorists. Now including upgraded 3D rendering, more visual effects, complete control over color grading with Scopes and HitFilm’s new export queue for a faster workflow. New editing and audio tools including keyboard shortcuts and auto sync offer simple solutions, while an upgraded interface with 8K support and 32-bit floating color gives HitFilm’s users cinema-level quality.

HitFilm Pro 2017 and Ignite Pro 2017 released

Visual effects are no longer restricted to traditional video in HitFilm Pro 2017 with next generation support given to 360° video with titles and lens distort for action cam footage. New partnerships bring Imagineer’s mocha HitFilm plugin and Boris FX Title Studio to all HitFilm Pro 2017 users, with the upgraded Ignite Pro 2017 plugin collection adding new support for Avid Media Composer to turn any host into a powerful visual effects toolkit. Additional bundles with Red Giant Magic Bullet, iClone, NewBlue FX Amplify and ActionVFX are available on the store, giving users more choice than ever before.

Top users of HitFilm have gone on to define the new generation of over 50 million online and independent creators. These include RocketJump co-founder and TV star Freddie Wong (, indie filmmaking experts Film Riot and viral YouTube superstars Corridor Digital. Together they have over 3 billion views and have inspired countless numbers of creators to make their own content. “With this software, anyone can do Hollywood-style visual effects” wrote Joe Blevins at The AV club.

Besides HitFilm Pro 201 the company also offers Ignite Pro 2017, which gives you over 150 powerful plugins to use in your existing editor or compositor. Experiment with over 500 visual effects, presets and color analysis and correction tools – without ever toggling between software.

There is a free trial available if you want to check what HitFilm Pro 2017 can do. There is also a trial for Ignite Pro 2017.  HitFilm also offers the HitFilm Express, a free NLE you may want to check.

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