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Get Started Fast with NewBlue Titler Pro for Media Composer—Episode 2

Change is tough for editors.  When it comes to creating HD titles for larger than HD workflows, we don’t have a choice, but whether you’re on the subscription plan, or you have a perpetual license, you’re coverd with the included Titler Pro 2/2.5, that you can download via the Application Manager.  For all perpetual license users, you’ll have access to version 2.0 of Titler Pro.  All subscription plan editors will have access to version 2.5.  Make sure to download the proper version to match the license you have, or your footage will be watermarked, with no way of removing it.


When working with Titler Pro 2/2.5, the biggest thing you’ll notice right away is that the Quick Edit window is included in version 2.5, and not in version 2.  The Quick Edit window is a great and easy way to set up titles in your timeline, and then you’ll have the flexibility to adjust them right from within that interface, as opposed to having to go into the actual titling application, to make any name or super changes.  In this lesson, we’re going to cover the Quick Edit window in version 2.5, as well as some other important topics, including:

  • Flexible options for character sizing and position

  • Object alignment and justification options

  • Composition layout tools

  • And special modes for text fitting

  • Title templates which allow you to create fast and efficient text replacement using the Quick Edit interface found in Titler Pro 2.5

This lesson will get you up and creating titles quickly in larger than HD projects, and will be a great primer if you’ve already made the plug to Titler Pro 4, which is the most current version of the effect.

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