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Get Started Fast with NewBlue Titler Pro for Media Composer—Episode 1

We ran into a bit of a snag when Media Composer began to support larger than HD workflows in Media Composer.  We lost the ability to use both the standard Title Tool, as well as the Marquee Title Tool.  The funny thing is that most people have only ever complained about the Marquee tool, but it’s support of larger than HD material would have gone a long way to help out editors getting their larger than HD projects done.  Not to worry, though, NewBlueFX has stepped in and has now offered editors a different flavor of Title Pro, based on their type of license.  Editors on a perpetual license will have access to Titler Pro 2, and subscription editors will have access to Titler Pro 2.5 .  That’s all fine and good, but what do we do about getting editor’s up to speed on working with them?  Well, this is where this tutorial series comes into play.  In the next four lessons, we’re going to cover all the bases that you’ll need to know to add great looking titles to your larger than HD projects with little to no downtime.

In our first lesson you’ll Discover the various ways to:

  • Apply resolution independent titles to your Media Composer timeline

  • Use the library to apply quick styles and animations

  • Create multi-title sequences in a single clip

  • Re-use library designs for repetitive styling and how to promote basic Title Tool titles into rich Titler Pro title instances.

This first lesson is a great foundation to get you up, running and adding new titles to your timelines, whether they are larger than HD or not!










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