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Chellene Wood

Hello Richard:

I had a long chat with my 95 year old Pops (John Wood) this morning (still kickin’ and very vibrant/clear-headed). I’m trying to learn more about his illustrious career as an Electrical Engineer in Silicon Valley (way back in the day before it was called Silicon Valley). I grew up in Palo Alto, CA. My Dad was somewhat of an entrepeneur – jumping from one start-up company to another. Way back when I was a teenager (and not all that interested in what he did for a living), I recall that something he developed (and sold to Technicolor while he was working at a firm called American Astrionics – I think that’s it, or it could have been Ampex) won (what always stuck in my mind as an Emmy Award) but turns out it’s an Academy Award and what I believe you’ve referenced here in your article. This morning my Dad mentioned the name Joe Bluth so I did a search and found your article! Any chance I could find out more about this? Is Joe Bluth still living? My Dad mentioned that he was a parapalegic? Is this the same Joe Bluth??

Marc Wielage

No, sadly Joe Bluth died in 1986 of a heart attack. He had founded several important LA companies like Vidtronics, Image Transform, and Bluth Video, and made a lot of technical innovations in his career.

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