Finally available: the new Odin II flash trigger

Five groups easily accessed, 32 channels, compatibility with the original Odin and other gear from Phottix, and AF assist light are what the new flash trigger for photography offers. Putting an end to what some considered was a long wait.

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Announced at Photokina 2014, the new Odin II radio flash trigger from Phottix is finally available in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France and United Arab Emirates.

As usual for Phottix, the Canon version is the first launched, early February. A few more weeks and Nikon shooters will have theirs, while Sony version will be available, if all goes according to plan, by the end of Spring.

Phottix expects that all those that already did not believe the new version was coming out will be happy with the results of the long production period. They did not want to do a new version of the original trigger, Odin, with more groups and some extras, but a redesigned unit offering much more to professional photographers and anyone else wanting to use flash intensively. One puzzling decision is the removal of second curtain sync from the Canon version, a feature of the original Odin. The feature is only available for Nikon and Sony now.

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The compatibility with the original Odin system, the Phottix Mitros+ speedlights, the Indra 360 and Indra 500 TTL Studio lights, the Strato and Strato II receivers, and the Atlas II in receiver mode is a key element on the Odin II, meaning users of the Phottix system have a chance to upgrade to a new control system while keeping their older equipment in use. Firmware upgrades to the Phottix Mitros+ and the Indra350 and 500 lights will soon be available, indicates Phottix, so users can take advantage of the new features of the Odin II.

The option to use the different elements of this, as Phottix calls it, “anything goes ecosystem” is something photographers appreciate. If you’ve collected a pair of Stratos, one Atlas II and also a pair of Odin receivers, you suddenly can control all that – if you’ve the flashes and the need to – with the Odin II, which allows the control of five lights or groups of lights, in TTL Auto or Manual. If you’re a Hot Shot minimalist, then a simple Odin II Transmitter with a Phottix Mitros+ flash will be all you need for creative control of light. Photographers needing to overpower the sun can use the Phottix Indra, the Odin II and High Speed Sync features. And, as mentioned above, all these products can be combined to create the perfect lighting solution for challenging environments.

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With a new design and interface, the Odin II Transmitter gives photographers more control than they have ever experienced; control that is direct, logical, and fast. Each of the 5 Groups has its own quick-access button. Changes are made by turning a large, perfectly-placed, control dial. Pick the light. Make the change. Lock it in. Shoot. A large, illuminated LCD panel shows all settings at a glance. Control five lights or groups of lights, in TTL Auto or Manual. Switch a Group OFF and its display line disappears from the screen. Displaying only active groups assures an easier and simpler viewing experience.

When it comes to channels, the Odin II has 32 to choose from. The first four channels offer three Groups and are compatible with the original Odin receivers. These are usually enough, but sometimes problems can arise. I remember one situation, during a workshop, where everybody was controlling the other flashes in the area, simply because everybody was using the same channel. All students were puzzled until I was told of the problem and gave each one a working channel. With the Odin II it is possible to have more channels. In fact, channels five through thirty-two of the Odin II use the new functionality of the receiver including user-set digital ID for the ultimate in secure triggering. Remotely control speedlight zoom settings to provide the perfect coverage from broad light to spot. When shooting with Phottix Indra360/500 light, the Odin II transmitter also offers remote modelling light brightness control.

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When it comes to speed the Odin II has it all: High Speed Sync with TTL flashes and OverDrive Sync with manual, wire-connected, studio-type flashes enable flash photography at up to 1/8000 second for creative aperture effects and action stopping. The new design of the transmitter allows a built-in AF assist light, which makes autofocus shooting sure and fast in lower lighting. Besides, a range of custom functions including switching ON/OFF of audible beep, screen illumination, and AF Illuminator function allows customizing the Odin II for any application.

The Odin II Transmitter costs $209.95, with each Odin II Receiver available at a price of $159.95.

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