DoPchoice: new tools for Arri, Astera, Hudson and Exalux at IBC 2018

DoPchoice celebrates its 10th anniversary this Autumn, and the IBC 2018 is a good place to start the celebration: introducing new tools, including their take on softboxes: the Snapbag.

DoPchoice: new tools for Arri, Astera, Hudson and Exalux at IBC

Lighting accessary-maker DoPchoice has some new products to show at the 2018 edition of IBC: new Rabbit-Ears, Snapgrid, Snapbag,  a variety of light shaping gear for the world’s top LED light fixtures.

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, DoPchoice has provided a fresh take on light refining accessories for the world’s top light fixtures since its founding in 2008 by Stefan Karle. The founder and CEO of DoPchoice is a cinematographer, who also needed/needs solutions in terms of lighting. That revealed the inventor in him. Stefan Karle has created and built lighting tools with more compact and lightweight designs, that are easier to use and faster to set-up—to meet the needs of gaffers, cinematographers and rental houses, worldwide.

DoPchoice innovations includes their take on softboxes – the Snapbag, which instantly snaps up without a complicated speedring and breaks down into a small flat pouch just as fast. The elegantly stitched Snapgrid, that maintains tight corners and affixes directly onto the front of a Snapbag, can be added on quickly. They also simplified soft box mounting with their family of Rabbit-Ears lightweight folding frames.

DoPchoice: new tools for Arri, Astera, Hudson and Exalux at IBC

The company celebrates its 10th anniversary this Autumn, and to mark a decade of creating light shaping gear for cinematographers, debuts a new Snapbag for up to 3 Astera Titan or AX1 Tubes. In keeping with the all-in-one lights, the Snapbag is fast to set up and offers a generous 4’x2’ surface to emit pleasing soft lighting. For Astera users who prefer a box-style softener, DoPchoice offers an adapter to use the snap-up 4×4 Snapbox with up to 8 Astera Tubes.

Also premiering will be the Lantern5 for Rabbit-Ears. The largest lantern- or pancake-style softener on the cine market, it is a shallow 70cm. Combining it with the Rabbit-Ears attachment system allows easily deployment on low ceilings. A blackout side-cover avoids spill light, and when ready for storage, the 5-foot Lantern collapses compactly into a tough, protective bag.

DoPchoice: new tools for Arri, Astera, Hudson and Exalux at IBC

DoPchoice also adds a 3-foot Lantern made just for the unique Redback from Hudson Spider. This lightweight softener provides quick setup and packs up compactly. Exalux is the latest brand to get custom fit versions of a DoPchoice favorite, the Snapbox, which comes in a new super shallow model. Plus, THELIGHT’s Velvet2 EVO now can take advantage of a new custom fit Snapbag and Snapgrid.

These are the highlights from DoPchoice for IBC 2018. But to see the full DoPchoice line visit their stand at IBC #12.D39, as the product line is always evolving, because, as the company notes, “the advancements come as fast as new types and brands of lights are added to the LED lighting vocabulary.”

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