Digital Asset Management Conference Preview

Five Questions with Simian’s Brian Atton

As time draws near for Createasphere's Digital Asset Management Conference and DAMMY Awards taking place October 7-8 at the Westin New York Grand Central, we're talking with some of the speakers to get their insight on what attendees can expect and the state of DAM in general.
First up is Brian Atton, participant in the panel “A Conversation with the Experts – the Future is NOW!” and co-founder of Simian, whose cloud-based media management platform supports production companies, ad agencies, visual effects houses and more.
DAM Coalition: You're taking part in the panel “A Conversation with the Experts – The Future is NOW!” Can you give us a hint on where you see DAM heading in 2014?
The Cloud — As trends show more people are using mobile devices and the ability to access data from anywhere on any device is becoming increasingly more important in business.
DAM Coalition: What conference sessions besides your own sound like they'll be of benefit to attendees?
You know, I think the lineup here is pretty good. I think there will be nuggets of information that you can take away from any of the sessions that will help with your DAM strategy.
DAM Coalition: In what industries has DAM become increasingly important  over the past year?
I would say corporate media and smaller design and production companies that don't have huge budgets but still want to compete on a larger scale. 
DAM Coalition: What products does Simian offer that will help DAM practitioners do their jobs more effectively?
Simian provides digital asset and workflow management solutions for creative, sales, marketing and production teams that aren't typically found in traditional DAM systems.
DAM Coalition: What's the most important benefit that Simian provides to its clients?
One cloud-based tool for DAM, presentation, production workflow and analytics — cost savings, efficiency and streamlining of workflow processes.

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