Dear Adobe, Blackmagic and other post-production software makers, don't export on-screen error messages and watermarks 7
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I had that times and times again at a facility with only one Boris Continuum license for 2 suites.



Granted as human beings none of us are infallible.

In my professional career I learned after making a critical error I had to accept the mistake and implement a method to not allow it to happen again. My mentors and supervisors taught me “He or she who learns from their mistakes will become stronger as a result.” In my experience we should not hold a software vendor responsible for quality control issues which are under our control. I will agree it will be helpful for post production software applications to incorporate a visual check list of errors (similar to a word processor spell checker) which needs to be address prior to exporting.

I offer the following QC recommendations for those on a tight turnaround schedule.

1) Review the exported file in fast forward or created markers for reviewing the spots where effect plugins or other potential problematic renders may be located.

2) If you take home paid Resolve projects from work please purchase the dongle free version of Resolve Studio. The highly affordable purchase price of $295 for the Resolve Studio license is a small price to pay instead of losing the confidence of a client.

A client on the receiving end will have serious doubts with hiring a post production professional who allows mistakes to go out for final review. Experienced freelancers realize the chances of receiving repeat work is partially based on their experience and accuracy. In the freelance industry each of us will quickly realize “You are only as good as your last job.”

Clients who are in a position to rehire will not do so if they have to consider the consequences of errors committed by a vendor or freelancer from a past job and/or a lack of willingness to undertake corrective action without faulting others for the mistake.

The lesson to be learned here is the post production team assigned and hired by a client to complete a project is responsible for quality control regardless of time constrains or after the fact excuses.

In closing I urge all professionals in any industry to accept your mistakes and learn from them lest you repeat them again and again.

James Lefoe

Jim Lefoe

Hello Scott,

No I did not overlook your statement regarding deadline turnarounds.

I offered a simple QC procedure which can easily be used. For those who choose to disregard my suggestion then be prepared to accept the consequences of your actions.

I have already stated it is pointless to blame others rather than learn and grow as a professional from a mistake.

If you can’t convince your clients of the consequences of their requests then you must accept full responsible for taking on the job given the parameters you have chosen to work under. Hold no one else responsible but yourself for accepting a job which you know will end in failure.

I myself have experienced the Dongle problem with Resolve Studio when an error message appearing telling me Resolve would not launch due to the inability to read the dongle. The solution is to shut Resolve down , disconnect and reconnect the dongle.

Regardless if you wish to prevent the issue in the future I recommend yourself and others purchase a new license of Resolve Studio and move on without having to disappoint another client.

Jim LeFoe

Scott and fellow readers,

FYI one of the great features Davinci Resolve offers in the delivery page is the ability to view the export in progress on both the on-screen GUI and HD-SDI output in faster than real time (depending on your workstation.)

Any filters, plugs in’s which are not enabled in the free version of Resolve will visually shown the burn in overlay notifying the editor that feature is only available in the paid Resolve Studio version as the actual export render is taking place.

However it requires the editor to remain at their workstation to watch the export render taking place. This is not the time to take a coffee break, or go the bathroom.

Regretfully Adobe Premiere 2020 does not offer the same feature as Resolve does. Scott I suggest requesting Adobe implement the same export live viewing capability as Resolve.

I restate once again the editorial team is responsible for conducting a quality control check on their work before delivering it to the client. Clients are hiring media professionals based on their skill sets, accuracy and ability to repeat quality work again and again.

Scott thank you for discussing this issue and many others as I hope the readers will learn from the workflow recommendations offered.

Keep up the good work as your articles are always welcome.


Jim LeFoe

Bret Weeks

Lol. It >should< behave like spellcheck, but unfortunately Adobe STILL DOES NOT HAVE SPELLCHECK in Premiere or After effects.

The year: 2021. The official work around? Use Microsoft Word.

Happy New Year.


Funny how Final Cut isn’t mentioned once. Oh right… this article could have been so much shorter by simply writing “DO IT AS FCP DOES IT”. Done. With as much as all of the above shamelessly steal from FCP, why not THAT?? Oh right, you can’t write it onto your bloated feature list of endless things that no one needs otherwise.

Adobe apps have become such TURDS. Wow.

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