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Day 10 #28daysofquicktips – Create an Audio-only Multicam Clip in Premiere Pro

If you try to create a Multicam Sequence from only audio clips in PPro you see the Create Multi-Camera Source Sequence option is grayed out. But it can be done
ppro multicam source gray
The workaround for this is to put all of your audio clips into their own sequence with something in the video tracks. Edit that into a timeline as a nest and then Enable multicam.
pppro image stack
Begin by making a sequence with all the audio on different audio tracks as well as something on the video track. I just put a color matte in for video. You need a track of video for each track of audio to make this work.
Next drag that music sequence into your edit with the Insert and overwrite sequence as nest or individual clips button ENABLED. With that you’ll get a new green nested sequence right in your edit.
ppro multicam enable 
Then right+click and choose Multi-Camera > Enable. The name will change to reflect the names of the clips in the nest. These just delete the video clip and you’ll have a green audio-only “multicam” clip. 
ppro audio multicam 
With that you’ve got an audio-only multicam clip. I have mapped the Select Next Camera and Select Previous Camera buttons to * and / on the keypad respectively so I can toggle though a multicam clip with a keystroke. And you can do that in realtime with an audio multicam clip as it play back.

I hope you find this useful!

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