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Whether you are mainly concerned about the management of your storage resources or you need to make sure that your business critical information is well protected for the long term, the administration of the growing amount of digital information traveling on the network and stored on different tiers of storage is becoming an every day challenge.

Atempo Digital Archive simplifies the process of long-term data retention for mid-market and larger organizations and offers critical new features such as file de-duplication, full content indexing and search capabilities, and utilities that identifies inactive, fixed content data ready for archive. With Atempo Digital Archive, Atempo now offers a comprehensive technology suite that manages data from creation to long-term retention.

The software delivers a solution that goes beyond the abilities of other file archiving products, with an unprecedented level of flexibility and control for IT administrators. Atempo Digital Archive is a hierarchical storage management (HSM) solution that, in addition to significantly reducing the cost basis for long-term data retention, can also provide the option for user-initiated archiving through an easy-to-use interface. This unique feature gives end-users the ability to simply drag and drop files into pre-defined archives as needed, and lets them customize their archiving policies to match specific project needs within organizations.

Atempo Digital Archive also delivers three essential features that further simplify the process of managing archived digital information. ADA’s file de-duplication capability ensures that redundant digital files are not replicated in archive media, resulting in lowered storage requirements and a more efficient retention process.

In addition, ADA offers the ability for full content indexing and search, allowing administrators to easily search for specific files across all file types and all archive media. This search function is an essential component in meeting regulatory compliance requirements and managing the eDiscovery process. It allows organizations to have procedures in place to quickly locate and produce archived information.

Finally, the Atempo Meter Utility is an integrated tool that non-intrusively examines an organization’s storage environment and identifies the total amount of data on disk that should be archived. This feature is especially useful in that it helps administrators better understand the practical aspect of archiving. By moving inactive data off of expensive disk and onto inexpensive tape, the cost savings can be significant.

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