DAM Soothes catalogue hell!

ADAM is a media intelligent digital asset management solution

Catalogues have an extreme short lifecycle and changes must be carried out at the speed of light. They carry a vast number of items that in many cases represent a company’s revenue model. So accuracy failures and data issues are not an option.

The catchment area of a catalogue depends on numerous aspects (e.g. country specific, language, aesthetics,…) which still might not outnumber the different versions of a single catalogue.

Product managers operate in an ever-changing environment. The market dynamics are fierce and the products to manage are evolving continuously. Together with the attached specs, warranty documents, multilingual manuals,… product and catalogue management requires an eagle eye.

ADAM handles your Media Supply chain

With automatic paginating and production tools your production cycle for catalogs shortens considerably. Your company will start personalizing catalogs for your different markets segments, create season versions,..


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