Did you know that you can have a fully integrated digital asset management (DAM) sytem in your Salesforce.com CRM system? Widen Enterprises developed Digital Media Organizer (DMO) to empower your Salesforce.com with online DAM services. Within Salesforce.com you can quickly search, download, and distribute digital media through integration with Contacts, Accounts, Leads, and Campaigns – or simply search through the self-service DMO tab located at the top of the page. Keep all your photos, logos, audio/video assets, and other branded materials in one location and send out with a couple clicks of the keyboard. Files are automatically converted into different formats and resolutions on-demand.

If the following scenario happens in your office, you might want to consider Digital Media Organizer. It’s Friday afternoon and you’re hoping to get out of the office early – but then one of your sales reps call. She’s meeting an important client on Monday and needs to put together a deal-closing presentation. It’s going to take hours to find the images and prepare everything. The files are too large to email so you’ll have to prepare a CD and overnight. Another long night in the office. Or give your sales rep self-service access to marketing materials via Salesforce.com and Widen’s Digital Media Organizer! And you’ll be skipping out of the office early on Friday like the rest of us!