Colorist Oliver Ojeil: industry should give credit where credit is due
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Washtub Specialist

Substitute any creative credit with “Colorist” anywhere in this article and it makes a case for everyone to have this type of credit. Sound designer, foley artist, VFX artist, music editor, Re-recording Mixer etc, all have a contribution to the final product, that only they specialize in. Simply, you get the credit you negotiate. Not everyone will get what they want. That said, colorists should have a more prominent placement in the crawl right after the Director of Photography, in my opinion. But main title placement with above the line credits is not deserved by every colorist.

Gustavo Bermudas

I think the role of colorist needs to be re-defined in the digital film age. And also the Director of Photography. I recently winessed a colorist being referred as “renderer”, when in reality he altered the look so much that it would have been impossible for a DP to do this on set, talk about making the grass purple and things like that.

In the film days a Director of Photography needed to understand film stocks, combination of both, and photochemical knowledge based on experience from trial and error. The same thing doesn’t apply today. The “renderer” colorist is so much than that, it contributes to the emotional message of the film in a continuity form, in terms that most DPs cannot comprehend, since it’s not their specialty.

I am seeing more and more UPs who do their own color now.
Those I can see being able to call themselves Director of Photography.