ColorFast 2 : color grading made simple

ColorFast 2 is a new color correction software that aims to simplify the coloring process for video editors. Working within the familiar interface of professional editing applications, ColorFast 2 features over 60 presets to achieve professional cinematic looks instantly, along with robust controls for precise color adjustments.

ColorFast 2 : color grading made simple

Recently released, NewBlue’s ColorFast 2 is an integrated plugin that streamlines both color correction and color grading in one simple workflow. With a variety of features geared for speed and efficiency, you can quickly fix exposure problems and create the look you want across your entire production.

The search for a color correction and grading solution never ends, and new products always attract the attention of people in the industry. While there is no “one size fits all” in this area, as there isn’t also in the other creative areas, something that should probably be accepted as a blessing, there is always some excitement when a new product, like ColorFast 2, arrives.

ColorFast 2, part of NewBlueFX line, is all about getting the most out of your footage. It features over 40 new preset looks, expanded controls over exposure, brightness and more, plus new skin and shape mask blending options, region scopes, as well as the new White Tweak, Hue and Output Correction controls. It’s the precise control you’ve always needed in a familiar interface.

ColorFast 2 is intuitive, versatile, and easy to set use. It works seamlessly as a Mac and PC native plugin across the industry’s best non-linear editors, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Sony Vegas Pro, and Grass Valley EDIUS.

Color correction without the complexity is something that you’ll hear the people responsible for ColorFast 2 mention multiple times. According to NewBlue, ColorFast 2 includes a range of features and controls designed specifically to bring out the full potential of an editor’s footage. It integrates both color correction and color grading in one simple workflow, allowing editors to perform primary and secondary color correction while protecting skin tones, isolating specific regions, and monitoring color levels every step of the way.

“I am thrilled to announce ColorFast 2, our most powerful and cohesive color correction plugin yet” explains Todor Fay, CEO of NewBlue. “ColorFast 2 offers several new features that come together to represent a cost-effective yet compelling solution for color correction and color grading.”

ColorFast 2 : color grading made simple

New Features of ColorFast 2 include: 40+ New Presets Looks
Use one of the more than 60 included presets for quick and professional movie looks ranging from old school classics to modern stylized film. Pick a look and use it as a starting point or create your own and save it for future projects.

  • Push the Limits
    Quickly correct color balance in your image with ColorFast’s powerful white balance algorithm. Push your correction further with the new White Tweak controls to add a tinge of warm or coolness to fine tune your footage.
  • Monitoring with Scopes
    Use the included Region scopes and select from Vector, RGP Parade, Waveform or histogram scopes to inspect your color levels in full time. Monitor the whole image or select a specific region for precise level readings.
  • Another Layer of Correction
    Apply a color mask to easily shield skin tones and specific colors from secondary corrections or apply a shape mask to isolate areas. New blend controls allow you to control the opacity of your masks to get the perfect balance.

Top Features of ColorFast 2 include:

  • Powerful Color Balance
    Quickly correct color balance your image with ColorFast’s powerful white balance algorithm. Just select the whitest part of your image with the dropper tool. It’s that easy.
  • Protect Skin Tones and Isolate Colors
    Apply a color mask to easily shield skin tones from your secondary color corrections. Then focus on a color range to enhance your image.
  • Secondary Color Correction Made Easy
    ColorFast’s secondary color correction controls allow you to quickly view your image’s highlights, midtones and shadows with control for precise grading.

ColorFast 2 is now available for $99 ($89 during special introductory offer period). Existing ColorFast 2 users can upgrade for $49 USD. Although NewBlue has demo versions of some of its software there is none of the ColorFast 2 available on its website.

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