Classic Speed Panchros reborn in modern form

Vintage “Cooke Look” with up-to-date housings and multiple mounts

Cooke Optics has announced a new line of old lenses: classic Speed Panchros, updated to cover S35mm formats (30mm image circle) and housed in modern shells with PL—and other—mounts.

Panchro Classic 152mm rendering, from Cooke's website
Panchro Classic 152mm rendering, from Cooke’s website

Panchro Classic lenses combine a vintage look with modern conveniences: 110mm front diameters; consistent focus and iris gears; large, high-contrast scales and witness marks; T2.2 max apertures across the range. Like the miniS4/i line, Panchro Classics will support Cooke’s new multiple mount system for use on PL, EF, E, F, and MFT mount cameras.

The lenses will be shown at IBC 2016 and are supposed to ship around NAB 2017.

There’s a full writeup and a preliminary spec sheet over at Film & Digital Times.


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